New Colours for Autumn 2023

The Cedral range introduces an exciting new range of colours for Autumn 23 and beyond. Broken down into a range of collections, these new colours offer something for everyone's style and tastes.

There is now an extensive range of 21 colours in Cedral Click Smooth, Cedral Click Wood, and Cedral Lap Cladding finishes.

The Collections

The pantone colours for the collections are listed below.
White - C01
White exudes an air of purity and timelessness. This colour serves as a pristine canvas, allowing the architectural design to truly shine. It never falls out of favour and provides impeccable light reflection, giving the impression of more space. With sunlight, surfaces come alive, rendering white an excellent choice for homes nestled in shaded or north-facing locales.
Silver Grey - C51
Silver grey, chosen for its enduring elegance, imparts a tranquil and dignified ambience that underscores the architectural finesse. Its knack for capturing and playing with light creates the illusion of expanded living quarters, imparting a sense of grandeur and maintaining a refreshing coolness during the summer months. This shade finds its particular suitability in exteriors graced with shade or oriented to the north.
Steel Grey - C15
Steel grey brings in a no-nonsense style. This calm, confident, and dignified colour works well as a flexible background to match with different materials, giving your home a modern and stylish look. It's a solid choice for architecturally designed homes, helping you create visually appealing combinations.
Slate Grey - C18
Slate grey offers a dependable appearance. This polished colour, influenced by the hues of slate, boasts a touch of subtle blue. It's robust and steadfast, lending a touch of sophistication and maturity to your home, providing a modern feel while harmonizing with a variety of colours and textures. When paired with lighter shades, slate grey adds a striking visual contrast.
Platinum Grey - C05
Opt for platinum grey for a modern sense of harmony. This colour radiates balance, style, and stability. It instantly updates the appearance of a home and can be used in architecture to create a visually striking contrast when combined with darker greys or black.
Black - C50
Black cladding establishes a powerful visual identity. Incorporating black into architectural design effortlessly cultivates a contemporary aesthetic, yielding a bold and impressive appearance. Thanks to its non-reflective qualities, surfaces take on a more compact appearance. The use of black can be particularly effective in elevating the appeal of window or door trims, as its colour forms an attractive contrast with various materials and textures.
close up of a Cedral click cladding joint section with a smooth finish

Cedral cladding is so easy to maintain.
It's also incredibly durable and far more weather-resistant than wood.

  • No need to paint
  • Extensive selection of standard colours to match your taste and style.
  • Low maintenance: wash with soap and water
  • Dimensional stability: panels don't move due to temperature changes