Cedral Lap Cladding
Woodgrain Finish

Cedral lap cladding comes in a stunning woodgrain finish and is available in 20 factory supplied colours or 2 wood stained finishes. Use the pallete sampler below to see the colours in a real environment.
Make a note of the colour code to help you with your quote.

Cedral Click Wood C01 Cedral Woodlap Cladding C01 Cedral Lap Wood C01 Cedral Click Wood C02 Cedral Woodlap Cladding C02 Cedral Lap Wood C02 Cedral Click Wood C03 Cedral Woodlap Cladding C03 Cedral Lap Wood C03 Cedral Click Wood C04 Cedral Woodlap Cladding C04 Cedral Lap Wood C04 Cedral Click Wood C05 Cedral Lap Wood C05 Cedral Woodlap Cladding C05 Cedral Click Wood C06 Cedral Lap Wood C06 Cedral Woodlap Cladding C06 Cedral Click Wood C07 Cedral Lap Wood C07
Cedral Woodlap Cladding C07
Cedral Click Wood C08 Cedral Lap Wood C08
Cedral Woodlap Cladding C08
Cedral Click Wood C10 Cedral Lap Wood C10
Cedral Woodlap Cladding C10
Cedral Click Wood C14 Cedral Lap Wood C14
Cedral Woodlap Cladding C14
Cedral Click Wood C15 Cedral Lap Wood C15
Cedral Woodlap Cladding C15
Cedral Click Wood C18 Cedral Lap Wood C18
Cedral Woodlap Cladding C18
Cedral Click Wood C50 Cedral Lap Wood C50
Cedral Woodlap Cladding C50
Cedral Click Wood C51 Cedral Lap Wood C51
Cedral Woodlap Cladding C51
Cedral Click Wood C52 Cedral Lap Wood C52
Cedral Woodlap Cladding C52
Cedral Click Wood C54 Cedral Lap Wood C54
Cedral Woodlap Cladding C54
Cedral Click Wood C55 Cedral Lap Wood C55
Cedral Woodlap Cladding C55
Cedral Click Wood C57 Cedral Lap Wood C57
Cedral Woodlap Cladding C57
Cedral Click Wood C60 Cedral Lap Wood C60
Cedral Woodlap Cladding C60
Cedral Click Wood C61 Cedral Lap Wood C61
Cedral Woodlap Cladding C61
Cedral Click Wood C62 Cedral Lap Wood C62 Cedral Woodlap Cladding C62
Cedral colour sample C01 Cedral colour sample C03 Cedral colour sample C04 Cedral colour sample C05 Cedral colour sample C06 Cedral colour sample C07 Cedral colour sample C08 Cedral colour sample C10 Cedral colour sample C11 Cedral colour sample C14 Cedral colour sample C18 Cedral colour sample C50 Cedral colour sample C51 Cedral colour sample C52 Cedral colour sample C54 Cedral colour sample C55 Cedral colour sample C57 Cedral colour sample C60 Cedral colour sample C61 Select a sample colour below

Additional Wood Stained Colours

As well as the 20 factory supplied colours above,
there are two wood stained finishes bringing a varnished appearance to the cladding.

Lap cladding finish CL104 - Light Oak
CL 104 - Light Oak
Lap cladding finish CL105 - Dark Oak
CL 105 - Dark Oak

Cedral Lap Cladding


Cedral Lap is easy to install and to maintain. Overlap it horizontally or vertically to create deep shadow lines or fit with an open joint for a minimalistic look.

  • No need to paint
  • Extensive selection of standard colours
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Low maintenance: simply wash with soap and water
  • Dimensional stability: panels don't move due to temperature changes