Anchor cottage C05 Lap woodgrain 8

C05 Grey Cedral Lap Woodgrain

Porthleven, Helston Cornwall

– Feb 2021

This amazing seaside cottage on Porthleven seafront, had some unique challenges to overcome. We could have settled for an easy system to use around the door frame, but we took an extra day’s labour, at the cost to the business to leave our client with a stunning finish. This was a rotten shell of a building that required, a timber frame being built, a breathable membrane was also used before we battened the frame ready for our Cedral cladding. It sounds like a simple process, but the working on some of the buildings we find in Cornwall, whereby they are not level, or the fascia’s overhang is not as deep as required, to intricate cuts and, boxing in of pipes – we have honed our skills to be able to over come anything with skill and tenacity. We do not simply overcome an obstacle, we do if with flair and, so it is always pleasing to the eye, this is what set us apart as the ‘elite’ team for Cornwall’s residential cladding market. We always start with battening, that must be 100% level, or you cause yourself issues as you progress your works, then apply the starter profiles, window trims, corner profiles and of course, then lay up the boards – in this case C05 Cedral Lap woodgrain boards. We guarantee 100% satisfaction every time, and leave every customer 100% satisfied – every time!