C07 Cream Smooth Click Mylor

Mylor Church – C07 Cream White Smooth Cedral Click

Mylor Church
Mylor Church

– August 2023

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Back Story

I met with the client initially and straight away understood the gravity of this project and knew we were the right team for the job.

The project was to turn the façade of this massive building located in a beautiful spot in Mylor Church, from (in the client words) a property with a dower exterior to something beautiful, in keep with its surroundings.

Having done the initial quote, it worked out that, even the main building was a good 7 weeks’ worth of work, but in total nearly 3 months of skilled renovations.

We worked closely with the client to ensure; they got the correct look of the property that they desired.

It meant a good number of visits, but as our rapport grew, they explained why they elected us for the job.

The client advised that it was important that, they could trust the company who they instructed, and that their skill set matched the clients’ particular requirements.

As it is a costal property, it was hugely important that the workmanship was of the highest standards and that exactly what they were getting with Cornwall Elite Cladding and R&R Fascia’s – as was a joint project with our sister company.

The installation

It was evident from the start, that this was a massive project, one of which that included several different tradespersons.

Our team worked closely with the client, to ensure that all trades worked cohesively to ensure minimal fuss on a day-to-day basis.

Straight away our team leader became the go-to person, who could liaise between the trades to make things run smoothly.

The client chose C07 Cream White Smooth Cedral Click system, a uniquely elegant system, that is befitting of such a property in such a beautiful location.

As I have said on previous posts, my team never seem to stop amazing me. I think the detail on this property is something of pure splendour – please see the cuts around the gate post…

Every inch of detail on this property is thought through and uniquely delivered, through care and attention from our team leaders.


The customer is ‘over the moon’ and has admitted that they didn’t believe that it would be this amazing.

A joint venture by Cornwall Elite Cladding and sister company R&R Fascia’s – perfection from both companies!

We have a wonderful relationship with the client, as you tend to get to know someone, after spending such time with them.

We believe this project to be absolute testament to our abilities, that no property is too small or large and that every single customer experiences the Elite teams service when dealing with Cornwall Elite Cladding for all your Cedral related needs.