C18 Slate Grey Lap wood grain

C18 Slate Grey Lap Cedral Woodgrain – Falmouth

Falmouth – Cornwall

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We started here in Falmouth, by the usual process of battening up the top 50% of the property, as the client had instructed us to do 3 sides of the property to tie in with a section that was cladded at the rear of the property. This is always difficult to do, as you are working butting up to another tradesman’s work. We find a lot of work with Cedral Cement fibre boards are not installed properly and so this is always a cause for concern for us, as must adhere to regulations of our accreditation with Cedral UK. We start by battening the area’s that we are going to clad, with the correct centres and always using the correct fixings, this is especially important for Cornwall, as no house is more than about 20 miles from the sea and, so the moisture is a great deal higher than, many places that are more inland than here. Once we have the battens in place and are level, then we install all the trims and profiles, again we have noticed that other projects not undertaken by Cedral Select installers, you see the wrong use of profiles or simply not using any at all.  Once this is done, we then install the Cedral cement fibre boards, which in this case are C18 Slate Grey Lap, wood grain boards. The C18 colour looks very striking with the white render below and is a lovely contrast of the two colours.