Cedral C05 Lap woodgrain Probus

C05 Grey Cedral Lap Woodgrain Probus

Probus Cornwall

– Jan 2021

This project is incredibly special for a reason, as it is worth reading the review from our client, but the reason it means so much is because it typifies what our business is about. The client came home one day and saw the progress we had made on her Gable end, she was over the moon with the standard of work. She then came out again about half an hour later, to seeing us stripping the Cedral C05 Grey Lap woodgrain cladding and was horrified and asked why we had done that? Our fitter’s response was that they were not happy with the way the cuts were over the roof line, and so we had taken to get it precise. She said that she did not notice what we had seen, and we explained that, it was extremely important to us that it be 100% perfect, as that is what she had paid for and is why people use our services, if we have even 1 lapse of concentration, then we are not doing as we said we would. This is particularly important to our business, that everything we do, from Cedral C05 Lap woodgrain Gables ends to Cedral C05 Grey Click smooth, we must make sure it is perfect, so that anyone else considering using our services, and views our work – that we are true to our word. We have had many surprised customers when we do, this without them asking, but we are moral business with 100% integrity – which means that every customer can use us with peace of mind, that, regardless of the size of their job, they will be treated with utmost respect and get exactly what they paid for. I think you will agree with us and the customer, that this is has really added something to the character of the property, with a 100% clad to the right-side Gable end, the left Gable & the dormers in Cedral C05 lap woodgrain cladding.