C01 White & C15 Dark Grey Cedral Lap Woodgrain effect cladding

Two Tone – C01 White & C15 Dark Grey Cedral Lap Woodgrain

Penryn Cornwall

– April 2021

Each property does not go without its own sets of challenges, whether it be walls that are not plumb, obstacles to overcome or bobbly render, like this property in Penryn, but it takes a team of professionals to overcome such challenges and leave a property in, what can only be described as beautiful perfection. Whilst it was extremely challenging, we are proud of being the type of business that perseveres until it gets it right – every time! When the client suggested he wanted to go with our suggestion of a two tone 100% clad to the back of his property, we were overjoyed, as we knew that this would open other client’s imaginations. 100% clads, can typically look too much – in certain situations, so we suggested having 2 different colours – which is what you see before you. C01 White & C15 Dark Grey Cedral Lap woodgrain effect cladding. The client went for just C15 Dark Grey Cedral Lap cladding on the front gable but wanted the 100% clad to the rear of the property, as that is where the house is open to the elements. Not only does Cedral fibre boards protect your property but is also easy maintenance – the fact that C01 White & C15 Dark Grey Cedral Lap woodgrain effect cladding contrasts beautifully together, gives an ultra-modern new look to the property, but in keeping with the old colour scheme of the property. It means that, the client’s property is now protected from the harsh Cornish environment and has now been modernised. We hope that this helps, expand prospective clients’ minds, to show that you do not have to gone for the normal cladding look, whilst that may still look beautiful and do the job you want, there is also the possibility of breaking away from the ‘norm’, and giving your property that extra uniqueness it deserves – proving that Cedral lap or click systems, can help showcase any property!