C06 Grey Green Cedral Lap Cladding – Mullion

Mullion – Cornwall
Mullion Cornwall

– Feb 2022

This fantastic property situated by the coastal town of Mullion, was Cornwall Elite Claddings, largest project to date. A large main residence, with an – what only can be described as – amazing, featured chimney in the heart of the property, was a project we were all looking forward to.

Then for good a measure a 3-bedroom annexe on the side of the property, to pave the way for a project that was going to take our (only) female Cedral Select lead installer, a great deal of time to complete.

The owners of the property; whilst they had read our reviews and sort out our specific – Professional Select Installer – services, were of course a bit apprehensive before the job was started, as to what sort of quality of service they would receive for their money.

Within a day or two, they were left – completely – in the hands of our team leader (Stephanie Gilbert), who guided them every step of the way, from talking through what infills would work best for their windows, the type of overhang created for their roofline to the finish around their bin area.

If you read their Google review, it goes into detail, as to what you can expect from our team of highly skilled professionals.

The framework was built to start with on the main residence, for us to incorporate insulation, then a breathable membrane was applied, and counter battened – which meant it was ready for the C06 Grey Green Cedral Lap Cladding that was about to be applied.

In the words of the client “We could not believe the level of detail you go to”! They were in total shock at the way we had cut each board to the contours of the chimney and how much effort we went to, to get every detail a 100% perfect. This is what sets us a part as the ‘Elite’ team in Cornwall.