C06 Grey Green Lap Cladding

Praa Sands – C06 Grey Green Cedral Lap Woodgrain Cladding

Praa Sands
– Jan 2022

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This detached property in Praa sands suffers from its coastal location, in respect the wind load there.

It was important to the clients, to ensure that they choose a reputable company to ensure that their installation was good enough to withstand the elements that their property had previously suffered.

They chose Cornwall Elite Cladding Ltd, based on our Cedral Select Professional Status and for the fact that we had done many a costal property that is already standing to the torrent elements associated with coastal living areas.

There is no better test to that the agreed process we have with Cedral, to overcompensate for the Cornish elements, than our work along Porthleven sea defence wall.

When we first started our business, there was an element of whether, what has been agreed is going to stand the test of time. As that is the reason why most people opt for Cedral cement fibre board cladding – the longevity that be expect with a good thorough installation.

Porthleven is renowned for its storms, and April 2021 there was one of the worst storms that it had seen a decade, the waves were literally coming over the sea defence wall every second and leaving a wake of carnage in its path.

Having a few projects along that pathway, we were of course disturbed to hear that the properties along there had all taken a massive battering in the storm and so, with great haste we made our way there after the storm had subsided.

Expecting the worst, we were of course horrified to see the damage that the storm had created i.e., windows smashed through and various other damaged walls etc. we were pleasantly surprised that our boards were still in good shape, not a wobble or damage board in site.

This was the moment, we could honestly say to our customers, with hand-on-heart, that our workmanship will take even the worst of battering’s.

To install, using a process that you believe in, is one thing, but to have first-hand experience that, what you are doing does live up to its billing – certainly sets us apart from your average installer.

We take great pride in our workmanship, and take great strides to ensure our care and due diligence is passed on to each and every customer, irrespective of the size of the job – as only people who are looking for that level of workmanship – instruct the ‘Elite team’, of Cornwall Elite Cladding Ltd.

This C06 Grey Green Cedral Lap woodgrain effect cladding, was installed with maximum precision, using a process that overcompensates above and beyond any generic installation guide that you may find on the internet and will stand up to most harshest of conditions.