C51 (Silver Grey) Cedral Lap Woodgrain Effect – Newlyn


– May 2022

A friend advised the client to use a Cedral ‘Select’ installer based on, ‘getting it done right first time,’ – in the client’s words.

 After our initial consultation, we assisted with getting the right colour match for their property, went from a brown wood cladding to C51 Cedral lap cladding with a woodgrain finish.

Please read the Google review from (Simon & Zena) as they go into great detail about their experience with Cornwall Elite Cladding Ltd.

When ripping old cladding down and replacing with new, this is where your trust in the contractor comes into play. With this project – we found, rotten timbers behind the cladding. Problems, that could have caused real problems later – if left untreated.

No extra cost was requested from the client, we simply explained what we had found, cut out the rotten timbers and replaced with new, showed the client what we had done and went about completing our work.

Instructing Cornwall Elite Cladding Ltd, means you can rest in the knowledge that we will treat your property with the respect it deserves and will never leave a problem festering to catch you out later.

We think the C51 Cedral Lap Cladding with woodgrain effect, really works with the stonework on the property and has modernised and made the property easier to maintain.