C54 Cedral Click Smooth

C54 Pewter Cedral Click Smooth – Porthleven


– Jan 2022

An amazing project for Cornwall Elite Cladding Ltd and our sister company R&R Fascia’s Ltd (www.randrfascias.co.uk) – both companies praised with a 5-star Google review.

The client was adamant that they wanted something quite different, something very modern for both the fasciae and cladding.

We collaborated with the clients, in respect of colour, style and texture. Whilst Cedral Click offers no more extra benefits than the lap version, it is a hugely distinctively different look to that of its counterpart (Lap) and I think you will agree that we achieved everything the client set out to do i.e., a fresh modern look to the property.

The clients gained inspiration for some of our earlier works with Click, which helped them to come to a decision – in respect of the finish they were looking for.

Great diligence is the name of our game, and if a property is going to show case our talents as Select installers as recommended by Cedral – then this will certainly do that.

We take great pride in what we do, whether it is a simple Gable end to the extraordinary – Cornwall Elite Cladding ensures that nothing is left to chance and every element of detail is taken care of.

Whilst we enjoy all of our work and the pride that we take regardless of if the size of project – it is nice to stretch the boundaries with Cedral, as it is actually a very versatile product, that you can let your imagination run wild with.

Contact us today and let us collaborate with you on highlighting the beauty of your property.