Pearl Cedral Lap Woodgrain

Lanner – Pearl (C52) Cedral Lap Woodgrain


– August 2023

Please see this clients Google Review

I met with the owners of this property a while back, and what they have written in the review helps us understand what we do right.

As a small business, you can’t get everything right, but our business believes that its how you handle things, when they do go wrong that counts.

We have a philosophy, that the client is aways centric to what we do; our workmanship is unrivalled, the complex installations we have done are testament to that, but on top of this, every customer – irrespective of the size of their project, is treated to a unique customer centric service.

It’s the minor details, in our workmanship, how we treat customers and how we conduct ourselves – that sets us aside.

That and constantly trying to evolve ourselves as a business, to put things that may not be currently right – right.

The installation

Our team worked very hard to ensure, that the customers were always up to date with what is going on and, ensuring that the understand the process, every step of the way.

The clients chose Cedral C52 Pearl Lap Woodgrain. for the front and side of the property – which was fitted to exact standards and was 100% perfect (as are all our installations).

They wanted to protect their property, as the pebble dash, had seen its day and, they wanted a product that would weatherproof the property and last the test of time.

This is exactly why they chose a Cedral Professional Select Installer, so that they had piece of mind with their investment.

That is why Cedral recommend us and give you a 10 Year warranty – simply because our installation process is unique and designed to ensure that Cedral’s product will last the 50 years+.

The Outcome

The clients were 100% happy with the outcome, so much so they have instructed us to finish the rest of the property.

We have a good number of clients, that request extra work from us once they see for themselves what we are about.

Our reputation may precede us, but the proof is always in the pudding…!

They also, allowed another client in their neighbourhood to have a look and a chat with them about the process, who have now booked their work in with us.

We are really grateful to all our clients that assist in such away, its really nice that they want to help us in that manner.