C05 Cedral Lap Cladding Told Pedn St Ives

St Ives – C05 Cedral Lap Woodgrain

St Ives
St Ives

– June 2023

Back story

Our sister company (R&R Fascia’s Ltd – www.randrfascias.co.uk ) completed fascia, soffits, and guttering work, back in the summer of 2021.

Due to the outstanding workmanship and professionalism conducted by our sister company, the owners of Tol Pedn Holiday Park, requested a quote from Cornwall Elite Cladding to replace old timber cladding with Cedral Lap Cladding.

As the Holiday Park was basically overseen by a management company, made up of the residents and owners, it took a good year to come to fruition and book us in for the job.

They instructed us to replace 9 timber cladded units, with C05 (Grey) Cedral Lap Woodgrain effect cladding, plus a Gable end as you enter the Holiday Park.

The installation

One of the reasons, that Told Pedn used Cornwall Elite Cladding, was not just the workmanship, but the customer centric attitude adopted by our businesses.

It was important to them, that we liaised with residents to ensure, they knew what was happening and when, and that their needs were put before ours.

Our team struck up, good rapport with all residents, over the course of the month that they were there.

First, we had to rip off the old timber cladding (and of course clear from site), replace the membrane and on this occasion added 25 mm insulation before starting the actual cladding procedure.

We would always recommend speaking to our team about the insulation process, as this must be done correctly or risk issues later down the line.

We would not recommend this procedure without knowing exactly what the risks are as each property is constructed differently and may or may not benefit your property or have potential to cause problems.

Once the new membrane has been installed, we started to construct the battens, all Cedral associated trims and then to start laying up the boards.

Our craftsmanship is of the highest standards and would recommend anyone seeing our work form themselves – we are happy to take you on a guided tour.

We also, invite clients to come and see us work, as you will see from our reviews, our team is highly professional and are more than happy to talk you through the procedure that they are currently working on.

The outcome

Once again, another large project constructed to the highest of standards and our team, treating our customers to the ‘Rolls Royce’ service they deserve.