Tintagel C51 Lap woodgrain

Tintagel – C51 Silver Grey Lap Woodgrain

Tintagel Cornwall

– July 2021

This was an interesting project from start to finish. The proprietors of the holiday home are from London and were extremely cautious (rightly so) when choosing the contractor to work on their property.

After a couple of initial meetings with the owners, we arranged for them to view our work – up close, to get an idea of the type of workmanship that they can expect and to get a feel for what type of colour and style that they wanted.

We took them to, our more technically challenging properties, to highlight our capabilities, having hundreds of installations under our belts, there is not much that we have not had to deal with or cannot overcome.

The client’s decided that, we were the contractors that they wanted to use and booked us in, so we started to help them on colour and design.

They opted for Cedral C51 Silver Grey Lap Cladding, in a 100% clad to the property, as the owner had spent time, in New Zealand and wanted to get that NZ/New England type feel to the property – which I think you will agree, certainly has hit the mark.

Insulation was installed before the battening (You can see more of that on our Facebook page), for the Cedral cement fibre boards. The C51 shimmers in the light and almost gives the property an air of mystery in the foggy weather.

Cedral C51 Lap woodgrain, like many of the Cedral colours, can almost take assorted colours on, as you look at them in different lights.

This was an exceptionally technically challenging property, to which the clients applauded our endeavours to get this 100% correct.