Utility room gable end has white shiplap cladding on it

White Shiplap Cladding in Mullion.


May 2019

Today we have finished working at a repeat customers house in Mullion. They asked us to reduce the gable ends to make painting easier.
We have installed 2″ x 1″ battens on 4 gable ends and installed drip trims and snap trims. Once the installers had done this, they started fixing white 150mm shiplap cladding to the battens. We were also asked to install new white fascias and soffits onto the gable ends. This was done by our siter company R&R Fascias.

The customers decided that it would be a good idea to install new white square guttering and downpipes so it looked fresh with all the new work. We had previously renovated their dormer at the back of the property, and so they decided the front dormer would need replacement too. We removed the old shiplap cladding and installed a breathable membrane and then installed new white shiplap cladding and fascias, soffits and guttering in partnership with R&R Fascias.