Brixham C14 Cedral Lap

Brixham C14 Atlas Brown Cedral Lap Cladding

Brixham Devon
– Brixham, Devon

– February 2022

Brixham – Devon

As business owners, we both set out with one vision and that was to be the best that Cornwall had to offer with respect to Cedral installers.

Always fulfilling the customers needs and expectations and going the extra mile to ensure that the life span of the product is fully maintained via our unique installation service.

We also wanted to create the most unique and beautiful creations, that was humanly possible with Cedral’s Lap & Click eco-friendly, easily maintained and above all else non-combustible cement fibre boards.

If you are not in the trade, it is easily forgivable, if you do not fully understand what you are looking at and, is – mainly – why you would put your trust in a specialist like Cornwall Elite Cladding (Cedral Select Professional Partners).

Stories such as this one that follows, really highlight the respect that our business has – not just in the eyes of our customers -, but in the eyes of people within the building industry.  

Back story

I received a call one day, saying that the gentleman in question owns a construction business and has just picked up a project that was vitally important that they got the best contractors they could find due to the client having had their fingers burnt by using a rogue trader.

As with all our dealings with anyone, we ensure that they know the pros and cons to using our business, as in this case it was working in Brixham (Devon) & any quote would be reflective of the fact that our team would need to stay in Devon.

The project manager said, “my client is willing to explore this on the basis that they want the best craftsmen (and women) that they can possibly find”.

Curious as to why he chooses Cornwall Elite Cladding to contact, I asked why he had approached us? He said that he had visited a friend in Liskeard and admired the workmanship of their neighbours Cedral Click cladding and enquired who had carried out the work.

The Survey

When I conducted the initial survey in Brixham, the contractor did his very best to grill me about the methods we used and why we installed Cedral in such a specific way. After the survey was over, he even confessed to trying to catch me out and said, “well done – you passed the test”!

He also went on to tell me the back story of why he chose us. He said that his neighbour was really impressed by our lady fitter, the way she conducted herself, the way she worked in such a tidy fashion and kept the client abreast of what they were doing and why.

The contractor went on to say, the thing that really opened his eyes was that he had started his career as a carpenter and that he, had never seen anyone cut Cedral to the standard that he had witnessed in Liskeard – in his words “I was blown away by it”!


The client chose C14 (Atlas Brown) Cedral Lap Cladding to the bottom half of their property at the point of instruction.


During the installation, the contractor was eagle-eyed during the whole process but couldn’t find fault any step of the way and said, “you guys really are the real deal”!

Moments like these, really make you believe that you what you are doing is being recognised on all levels.