C15 Lap Woodgrain & C01 Lap Smooth 4

Rosudgeon – C15 Lap Woodgrain & C01 Lap Smooth

-Rosudgeon, Cornwall

– September 2022

The client’s requested our now ‘signature’ installation of a two-tone property Cladded in Cedral Lap.

The clients chose the stylish combination of C15 (Dark Grey) Lap woodgrain on the top section of their property with Cedral C01 (White) smooth on the bottom section.

Like all our clients, they care what they were installing on their property, and they cared who was doing it.

Our clients researched us, checked with Cedral in respect of what it means to instruct a Cedral Select professional Installer, they followed us on Facebook and got a feel for what we were about via our Google reviews.

After our first meeting it was clear that they had done their homework on us, and for us that is important – as it means that they are not looking for any contractor, they are looking for one that they can trust, and it means that they care about the finished article.

As a business we are looking for the clients like this, clients that are going to appreciate our workmanship and lengths we go to, to ensure that everything is of the highest standard.

The Product

Cedral cement fibre board is modern, Eco-friendly, durable, easily maintained, premium product, that needs care and attention to ensure the maximum lifespan of the product and Cornwall Elite Cladding Ltd, takes its regulation and professionalism in the market extremely seriously.

Not only were the clients concerned about who installed this, but who would be dealing with taking down existing timber cladding, plus also cladding on a timber framed section of their property.

It is very important to us that we maintain, a great relationship with our customers and the client that choose us, share the same philosophy in respect of ensuring the professionals do the job.

A really lovely project and one of many (more) that will showcased for perspective customers to see and, it is certainly worth looking at their Google review they left, so you can see for yourself what it’s like to instruct Cornwall Elite Cladding Ltd for all Cedral installations.