C51 Cedral Click Smooth

C51 Silver Grey Cedral Click Smooth – Allet

Allet – Truro
Allet – Truro

– December 2022

C51 Silver Grey Cedral Click Smooth

These are our favourite type of jobs to win, purely based on the client’s knowledge and own skill set.

When you have a client that has fitted Cedral himself, but also had built the plans for the property, he has a very good understanding of precision workmanship.

The clients had made it very clear, that they wanted a company capable of fitting in with their own expected high standards and that only the best would suffice.

Cedral (especially Click) is a very elegant, premium product and deserves that respect when installing the product, so we welcome the added pressure of working for someone who knows about precision workmanship.

The client pulled me to one side and said, “I am so impressed with your guys, there isn’t a millimetre out of place”! Worth seeing our Google review.

This is what Cornwall Elite Cladding is about, delivering excellence to the customer, irrespective of the size of the project, every single customer is afforded the ‘Rolls Royce’ ‘service and installation they deserve.

The build

The client had built into the plan, that we would install these C51 Sliver Grey Cedral Click smooth vertically on 3 sides of the property, combining with the Zinc roof – I think you will agree, that it looks very modern, elegant finish to the property.

What next?

The customer is still working on completing the project and so, has agreed that we can go back and take up-dated pictures when its complete.

It always a pleasure being part of such a project and the accolades received from the client on our high precision workmanship.