C01 White Cedral Lap Cladding – Frasers Fish & Chip Shop

Helston Cornwall


It is important for us to work with local companies for several reasons, but none more than the fact that we have helped a local business and that they will also get to know, what a great business we are. Cornwall is a great place to build a reputation, but is easily ruined, with bad workmanship or behaviour and so, being in an extremely transparent spot in the community – this showcases our work and reputation.

We conducted our work as with our usual precision & efficiency, ensuing that the CO1 white Cedral Lap cladding is installed using our pioneering techniques, as agreed by Cedral themselves to ensure maximum life expectancy.

There are many firms out there, trying to copy our work and pass themselves off as being in the same league as us, but they do not have the skills or systems to compete with us. Beware of cheap imitations when choosing your installer – as could be of massive detriment to your investment.

Having viewed many properties, that have had Cedral Cladding installed incorrectly and having to see the pain on clients faces, having spent good money – which was not reciprocated with good workmanship and, their anguish of having to go through litigation to get their monies back, is a sad part of our industry and something we will do our very to best to educate and eradicate such issues.

We would urge any client to do their homework on the business they use and speak to Cedral to ask why they set up the Select installer scheme. It is simply because the installers, under the scheme do it properly and Cedral can rest in the knowledge that there is one more correct installation out there.

It was extremely important that we got Select installer status, before we started our business – as we wanted our quality and integrity to on show – to give our clients peace of mind, before proceeding with any work.

Frasers were so happy with the quality of what we have achieved, they have commissioned some more work, again – sign of the quality of our work.