C10 Poldhu Beach

C10 Blue Grey Cedral Lap – Poldhu Beach

Poldhu Beach
Poldhu Beach

– March 2023

A Prominent Coastal Property in Poldhu

Back story

We met with the owners initially over 2 years ago, to provide a quotation for our services, which was (at the time) based on ideas of the owners of the newly acquired property.

The owners had bought the property with a total renovation in mind since there was a real loss of heat in its current format and the owners wanted something, that would provide an extra layer of insulation, that was durable and low maintenance.

Cedral Cladding was the ideal answer to the client’s requirements, so we set about offering a quotation since we are the ‘go-to’ company for Cedral cladding on any type of coastal property.

It is vitally important that Cedral is installed to the highest of standards, but even more so where high winds prevail and the salt in the air rots away at just about everything left outside.

After our initial instruction, there was a period of waiting for the client, & like all building projects (as we were not the only trade involved) it was heavily reliant on several factors before we could start.

The build

The clients decided on Cedral C10 (Blue Grey) Lap cladding, a beautiful colour in-keeping with its coastal presence.

It was a tricky build, for our amazing installers, as a combination of completely new structures and very old structures – which each have challenges and connecting the two together can offer up various other challenges.

Our team(s) of highly skilled tradespersons have done 100’s of installations and are geared up for every eventuality that they are likely to find on a new or old property.

Cornwall Elite Cladding is very proud to be able to renovate some beautiful Cornish properties in extremely prominent places in this beautiful countryside.

The end

All of us at Cornwall Elite Cladding are really happy to have worked with the owners, in order to facilitate the dream renovations for the property.