C50 Black Lap Vertical Cladding – Hayle


– May 2023

Why did such a reputable iconic Cornish business choose Cornwall Elite Cladding?

Having first met with Sam, it was clear from the offset, that as businesses we share the same philosophies; honesty, integrity and above all else, doing exactly what we are paid to do, to the highest of standards.

Sam made it clear that, we were recommended to him, as he said he was looking for the best people in their trades and ours (Conrwall Elite Cladding & R&R Fascia’s) were the names that kept coming up.

At one point, Sam had advised that someone was trying to poach his business, but came back to us and said, irrespective of what they are offering, I have instructed you and would not go back on his word.

It was nice to hear that, and absolutely compounded my beliefs about him, and his business and how we share the same values.

Design stage

We worked with Philips, on the colour and design, they opted for Cedral Black (C50) Lap cladding, installed vertically, which meant a different installation process to the usual horizontal Cedral Lapping cladding you would be used to seeing.

Vertically installed Lap is very rare, more common with Cedral Click system, but is installed in a similar manner to the Cedral Click system.

You must use Cedral Colour coded screws for this and not the usual counter sinking method we usually adopt to give a smooth finish.

Installation process

We had to work very efficiently, as the work was based above the main entrance of the VERY business flagship shop down in Hayle.

One of our team leaders got in at 6.30am one morning to finish bits off, above the main doorway, as simply wouldn’t have been possible during trading hours.

The battening was done with extreme precision, as this forms the basis of the work, and lends to the result of the finished article.

Seeing certainly is believing, as even the pictures don’t do this justice. I had another client, that requested the Black (C50) Cedral Lap, vertically installed and I took them to visit Philips – which sold it to them straightaway from seeing this work.

Work completed.

Sam was over the moon with the transformation provided by both Cornwall Elite Cladding & R&R Fascia’s and thanked us and the teams for a wonderful job.

He even left us a Google review for both businesses, which as businesspeople ourselves, we really appreciate (anyone) who goes out of their way to provide such insight on our business.